About Mindfulness-Based Self-Care (MBSC)

rue Santé products are informed by modern science and ancient herbalism. Our unique formulations of curative flora are powerful compositions that are far superior than the sum of their parts - combinations of ingredients that enhance each other and target both the body and mind. They harness nature’s regenerative powers and your body’s sophisticated system of repair and renewal to fight the root causes of skin breakdowns, enhance your state of mind, and promote healthy cellular function.


Inspired by mindfulness-based stress-reduction methodology, our mindfulness-based self-care (MBSC)™ products & rituals specialize in reducing mental and physical stress and avoiding its damaging effects by: supplementing antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and adaptogens (AAA); managing cortisol and adrenal levels; and triggering happy neurotransmitters.

Your MBSC ritual starter kit is included with the purchase of any of our curative flora products.

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