A custom floral arrangement Designed in a white & gold-flecked ceramic vase with locally grown blooms and greens—lovely and bold, just like your Ma. 


Rosé - Hydrating Skin Toner 

A gentle and refreshing toner distilled from organic Bulgarian roses. 🌹🌹


Body Recon - Skin Conditioner 

A luxurious body conditioning oil designed to replenish your skin's natural protective lubrication after cleansing.

$108.00 Includes:

About the makers

Dedicated to sustainable business, both Vanita and rue Santé create products that are Earth-friendly, life enriching, and full of Nature's best bounty.

About rue Santé

rue Santé transforms nature's scientifically validated ingredients into healthful solutions for your body and mind. Your health, and that of every species, are our foremost concerns. That is why we use organic, vegan, premium quality, safe and effective ingredients that deliver maximum impact, indulgence, and value.

About Vanita

Seasonal, Sustainable, Floral Design.
Vanita florals are designed in the Pacific Northwest using locally grown and wild-foraged flora. Each arrangement is created in tribute to the balance and contrast of the living world—neither too harsh nor exuberantly pretty.

Mother's Day gift bouquet

Rue Santé and Vanita Floral have teamed up to create an indulgent Mother’s Day offering of self-care and adoring blooms!


This duet of lush, organic skincare, and local, sustainable florals will honor and inspire your mother on her special day. It's a true mind and body treat—because she deserves it!

Pre-order by the end of May 9th. Pick up May 11th in Capitol Hill, or May 12th in Pioneer Square

Products and florals shown illustrate the Mother's Day gift bouquet.