Deluxe Gift Set - Customizable

Give the gift of spa. Indulge your loved ones with this deluxe 5-item gift set packed with luxurious face and body care and a massaging crystal body roller.  

Deluxe Gift Set - Customizable

  • Customize your deluxe kit with 5 items from our collection of mignonne-sized moisturizers, mineral masks, toners, luxurious bath & body care and healing rollers. Your gift set includes an eco, reusable bamboo face round and comes in a cotton drawstring pouch.


    Select one from the following fluid moisturizers: 

    10ml bottles holds approximately 1 month's worth of product

    Loved Moisturizing Face Oil: a premium blend of organic, and ultra-nourishing plant-based oils that deliver intense moisture, retain hydration, and renew the appearance of the skin. Loved will replenish vital nutrients with key ingredients that show promising results, based on scientific studies, in their ability to stimulate new cell renewal and improve elasticity. Your skin will look and feel soft, supple, and radiant.

    Healed Skin - Enhancing Face Oil: a texture enhancing moisturizer made with a combination of cold pressed, unrefined, organic plant-based oils that penetrate deep into the skin's surface to nourish stressed cells, balance sebum, and support new cell regeneration. Healed will improve the appearance of blemishes and damage so your complexion will look and feel smooth, bright and clear.

    Sheltered Skin - Protective Face Oil: a protective moisturizer made with organic plant-based antioxidant ingredients that nourish and fight free radicals to keep your skin barrier healthy and strong. Sheltered works with your body's own system of self-care and natural defenses. This all-weather moisturizer will protect against, and help skin recover from, harsh weather, environmental pollution and toxic damage to keep your skin looking healthy, radiant and firm. 


    Select one from the following mineral face masks:

    .25 oz. masks hold approx. 1 to 2 weeks of product 

    Unmasked Délicat - Moisturizing Mineral Mask:  a fine balance of naturally occurring clays, botanical extracts, herbs and essential oils that were selected for their mild exfoliation and skin-loving properties. Fine clays softly lift away dead skin cells and impurities to improve new cell turnover and hydration, while nourishing flower petals and essential oils moisturize and renew. The results are smoother, softer, suppler skin.

    Unmasked Forté - Exfoliating Mineral Face Mask: a fine balance of naturally occurring clays, botanical extracts, herbs and essential oils that were selected for their exfoliating and skin-loving properties. Ultra-absorbing clays remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells to improve new cell turnover and manage sebum production, while nourishing plant ingredients reduce inflammation, fight free radicals, repair skin and refine texture.


    Select one from the following toners and body moisturizer: 

    10ml hold approx. 1 to 2 weeks of product 

    Rosé - Hydrating Skin Toner: a true hybrid, this gentle toner combines the powers of hydrosols distilled from organic Bulgarian roses and Rose Geraniums from Washington State with super hydrating vegetable collagen for maximum moisture retention; antioxidant, delicate white tea and marine algae for firming and toning; and sake extract to soften and moisturize the skin.

    Lavandé - Soothing Skin Toner: a true hybrid, this gentle, alcohol-free toner combines the powers of hydrosols distilled from organic Washington lavender with super hydrating vegetable collagen for maximum moisture retention; antioxidant green tea and marine algae for firming and toning; and hemp seed extract to soothe and calm the skin.

    Body Recon - Skin Conditioner: a luxurious body conditioning oil designed to replenish your skin's natural protective lubrication after cleansing. We use a combination of skin-loving lipids and essential oils that absorb quickly and keep the barrier layer of your skin soft and moisturized without feeling sticky, tacky or greasy. The light floral aroma will inspire and delight you.


    Select one from the following luxurious bath & Body products: 

    75 g. jars of polish hold approximately 1 to 2 weeks of product 

    45 g. jars of bath powder yields approximately 1 to 2 baths 

    Fleur de Lait - Botanical Bath Powder: an indulgent, ceremonial flower and milk bath made with culinary-grade petals, coconut milk, curative herbs, and pink Himalayan Sea Salt. This blissful combination of precious earth minerals, skin-loving botanicals and heavenly aromatics will soothe aching muscles, soften and nourish your skin and calm your racing mind.


    Fleur de Terre: a botanical face & body polish for lustrous skin. Made with culinary-grade antioxidant-rich fruits & botanicals, Himalayan sea salt & precious minerals, and nourishing plant lipids. Refine and renew dry, dull, rough spots, clogged pores, and dead skin cells while absorbing the replenishing plant and earth nutrients.


    Select one from the following Beautified Face & Body Rollers:     

    Beautified Face & Body Rollers: made from naturally occurring stones or crystals, the double-headed rollers are a great, versatile tool for applying products to the skin and for practicing self-massage techniques on your face and body that will help you look and feel rejuvenated and energized. Choose: Rose, White or Green.


    Included with gift set:

    Organic Bamboo Eco Face Rounds: a sustainable, reusable, washable alternative to single-use cotton rounds. Dual-sided, dual-purpose texture for make-up removal, face washing, and product application.

    rue Santé Cotton Drawsting Bag: a reusable, no wrapping required pouch for easy gifting. 


    - Kits available while supplies last -

  • Tubes: Clear glass tubes made from 100% renewable materials. 

    Bottles: White glass  & frosted glass bottles made from 100% renewable materials.

    Jars: Clear glass jars made from 100% renewable materials.

    How to dispose: Reusable and recyclable glass (where glass recycling is available).


    Lid: Cork stopper lid.

    How to dispose: Not recyclable. Keep and reuse (sterilize before reusing). May also be disposed at Cork Forest Conservation Alliance bins 


    Dispensers: White rubber dropper bulb with gold shell over plastic cork screw fitment, rubber washer, glass dropper. Plastic sprayers and pumps with gold shell over plastic fitment and dip tube.

    How to dispose: Not recyclable. Keep and reuse (sterilize before reusing in a 70% alcohol solution). May also be disposed at Nordstrom's BeautyCycle bins - part of a Terracycle program that repurposes these materials.


    Plastic-free, 100% recyclable aluminum cap options now available instead of dispensers. Select from drop-down menu.


    Label: Compostable, recyclable, white FSC paper

    How to dispose: Peel off and compost or reycle. Composting standards: ASTM D6400, BPI, CMA, EN 13432, Cedar Grove


    Outer gift set packaging: Reusable cotton drawstring bag.

    How to dispose: Reusable bags can be used to re-gift items, store jewelry, coins, collectibles, headphones, make-up, and more.

    Opt out of receiving drawstring bag retail pack with your order to reduce packaging waste. Select from drop-down menu.