Rosé - Hydrating Skin Toner

Refresh your skin with our delicate rose essence blend designed to tone, hydrate and moisturize.

Rosé - Hydrating Skin Toner

  • 2 fl. oz. (60 mL)


    What is Rosé? A true hybrid, this gentle toner combines the powers of hydrosols distilled from organic Bulgarian roses and Rose Geramiums from Washington State with super hydrating vegetable collagen for maximum moisture retention; antioxidant, delicate white tea and marine algae for firming and toning; and sake extract to soften and moisurize the skin.


    Skin Profile: Ideal for all skin types especially sensitive, dry, irritated, mature and aging skin. Use every day as a healthy aging ritual.


    Aromatic Profile: Delicate, fragrant, authentic rose profile. Promotes joy, happiness, indulgence and relaxation.


    How does Rose work? Rosé contains moisturizing and calming flower distillates, antioxidants, nutrients, and plant collagen, that tone, soothe and provide hydration which is critical for healthy skin function including lubrication and barrier protection. To learn more about the skin and our products, please visit our Body Health page.

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