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We create healthful products and rituals. The result is beauty-full. As designers of lifestyle, aromatic, and skin care products, your health - and the health of every species - are our foremost concerns. That is why we use organic, vegan, synthetic-free, premium quality ingredients.


Our purpose is to create luxurious products that promote health, beauty and balance, in a sustainable, earth-friendly way.


Our promise is to improve your wellbeing through self-care products and practices for your mind and body.


How do we create effective, nature-derived products?

Our passion for science and nature drives us to seek the most relevant information from Eastern and Western medicine and leading experts in the fields of esthetics, dermatology, phytotherapy, and chemistry to develop our products and deepen our knowledge.

Every product in our collection utilizes key ingredients backed by scientific studies. Every ingredient has a purpose. Have a look through our SoE guidelines below to learn about our principles and visit our product pages for ingredient details and access to the scientific studies.

Compassionate Commerce

We are deeply committed to serve the voiceless, under-represented beings of the earth. We donate a portion of our annual proceeds to support local and global organizations that advocate for the protection of animals and the environment.

Have a favorite charity or organization you would like us to support? Let us know.

Are you a non-profit organization fighting for a worthy cause? Contact us.

Stewards of the Earth

​rue Santé’s materials are conscientiously sourced to meet our ‘Stewards of the Earth’ (SoE) guidelines, to ensure our products do not support cruel practices, unsustainable industries, or criminal polluters. We make feel-great products and we feel great about how we make them.

We have a responsibility to maintain and protect Earth’s lands, oceans, air, plant and animal life. There is no road map and the way isn't always clear, but with increasing ingredient and manufacturing transparency, we promise to listen, learn and respond to ensure our guidelines remain on the right path.


We only work with ingredients that originate from a natural source and are not synthetically made. Some materials have to be processed to be rendered usable and effective for the body but we make every effort to source minimally processed ingredients to ensure optimum potency and efficacy of our products. 

Safety & Quality

Safety and quality are paramount. This translates into everything we do—from the ingredients we source, to the protocols we employ. We work with reputable ingredient suppliers who share our standards, ensuring that our starting materials are safe and of the highest quality for optimum potency.


We work with suppliers who adhere to, and advocate for, humane sourcing and labor practices, such as fair trade and other equitable labor programs that protect the welfare of indigenous communities and growing regions.

Cruelty Free - Vegan

No animal harm, exploitation or testing of any kind. Although, fair warning: we've accidentally discovered that cats love coconut oil and dogs have a love affair with Ylang Ylang! 


100% vegan. We do not use animal products or bi-products of any kind.





Through our compassionate commerce program, we donate to, and collaborate with, charitable and non-profit organizations that stand up for animals, the environment and social causes.


'Organic’ status is regulated by the USDA and is applicable to agricultural products. While we are not certified by the USDA, we meet their criteria for certification and follow their standards for manufacturing. All our products contain over 95% organic certified materials - everything that can be sourced organically. Exceptions are noted in ingredient statements.  


There is nothing unnecessary in our products, no cost-cutting ingredients or fillers. Our anhydrous (zero water) products are highly concentrated. Our hydrous products contain flower distillates instead of water in order to deliver maximum impact and value. Every ingredient has a job to do, every ingredient contributes to your well-being.


We source ingredients that are plentiful, naturally renewable, from sustainable farms and harvesting methods. We use minimal packaging. All our containers are recyclable, reusable or compostable. Find out about our refill program.

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organic, vegan, cruelt-free products
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