We do beauty differently.

Purposeful, thoughtful, intentional products that work in tandem with nature and your inner wellness journey to create whole body harmony.

We honor nature by supporting healthy aging, not anti-aging.

The beauty industry's obsession with "anti-aging" has created unrealistic expectations and stigmatized aging.  We exalt and support, rather than vilify and suppress, the natural aging process. You should feel comfortable in your skin at every age.


Your sense of health & self-worth shouldn't be restricted to what you see in the mirror.

We believe beauty is a whole-person experience. That's why we not only sell products that will pamper and treat your outsides, we also develop mindfulness-based self-care™ practices that nurture your inner beauty.

If it's going on or in your body, it should be as natural as possible.

Your skin is your body's largest organ, which means anything that goes on it should work with it. That's why all our products are vegan, organic, and made from real ingredients; because your skin deserves the best nature has to offer.

The products you purchase shouldn't harm the planet or the creatures who inhabit it.

One of our guiding principles and Stewards of the Earth promises is to do no harm to any living creature with the production of our products. To keep this promise, we use only sustainably-sourced, vegan ingredients. 

Ingredients should be ethically and sustainably sourced. Period.

From our sourcing practices to our packaging procedures, we're committed to processes that keep the earth green, natural, and renewable. We never want you to have to wonder if buying a product is an ethical choice.

Your beauty is radiant when your mind is balanced. To tap into that powerful source of harmony, you need mindfulness.

Inspired by mindfulness-based stress reduction methodology, our mindfulness-based self-care™ products and rituals focus on managing and eliminating mental and physical anxieties and the damaging effects they can inflict on your inner and outer well-being. We do this by supplementing antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and adaptogens (AAA), managing cortisol and adrenal levels, and triggering happy neurotransmitters.

When we began shaping the concept for rue Santé, we knew it was vital to go beyond the typical idea of "being beautiful". For us, this meant much more than liking what's looking back at you in the mirror. It meant feeling as good internally as we wanted to look externally; it meant aligning our inner self with our physical self, and that's where Mindfulness-Based Self-Care™ was born. This philosophy has lead our company's mission of whole body wellness so you can look and feel like your best self every day.





Your health is abundant when your body is clean. To eradicate lifestyle smog, you need real love from the earth.

Our products are designed to work with your body's sophisticated system of self-care and renewal using ingredients that supplement, replenish, and reactivate your natural defenses when your body falls behind. Informed by modern science and ancient herbalism, our unique blends of curative flora products are powerful compositions that work to enhance each other and target both the body and mind (especially when used in combination with our self-care rituals).

Unlike products packed with synthetics and "smoke screen" additives and fillers, our ingredients harness nature's regenerative powers and your body's innate repair and renewal systems to fight the root causes of skin breakdown, enhance your state of mind, and promote healthy cellular function. To learn more about how our products are environmentally and ethically friendly, check out our Be Kind Vow. 



Be Kind

​rue Santé’s materials are conscientiously sourced to meet our Stewards of the Earth ’Do No Harm' guidelines, to ensure our products do not support cruel practices, unsustainable industries, or criminal polluters. We make feel-great products and we feel great about how we make them.

We have a responsibility to maintain and protect Earth’s lands, oceans, air, plant and animal life. There is no road map and the way isn't always clear, but with increasing ingredient and manufacturing transparency, we promise to listen, learn and respond to ensure our guidelines remain on the right path.



We only work with ingredients that originate from a natural source and are not synthetically made. Some materials have to be processed to be rendered usable and effective for the body but we make every effort to source minimally processed ingredients to ensure optimum potency and efficacy of our products. 



No animal harm, exploitation, or testing of any kind at our company. Although, fair warning, we've accidentally discovered that cats love coconut milk and dogs have an affinity for Ylang Ylang. All our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. That means we don't use animal products or bi-products of any kind.



Did you know the "organic" status is regulated by the USDA and is applicable to agricultural products? While we're not certified by the USDA, we make sure our products meet their standards for manufacturing. All our products contain over 95% organic certified materials and exceptions are always noted in the list of ingredients.



Safety and quality are paramount. This translates into everything we do - from the ingredients we source to the manufacturing protocols we employ. We work with vetted, reputable industry suppliers who share our high standards to ensure our materials of origin are safe and of the highest quality for optimum potency.

Do No




There's absolutely nothing unnecessary in our products, no cost-cutting ingredients or fillers. Our anhydrous (zero water) products are highly concentrated and our hydrous products contain flower distillates rather than water to deliver maximum impact and value. Every ingredient supports your well-being.



We only work with suppliers who adhere to and advocate for humane sourcing and labor practices, such as fair trade and other equitable labor programs that protect the welfare of indigenous communities and growing regions. When you buy with us, you won't have to wonder if your beauty products are hurting the earth.



As a company, one of our core principles is giving back whenever and wherever we can. Through our compassionate commerce program, we donate to and collaborate with charitable and non-profit organizations that stand up for animals, the environment, and other important social causes.



We only source ingredients that are plentiful and naturally-renewable from sustainable farms and harvesting methods. Our packaging is as minimal as possible and all containers are recyclable, reusable, or compostable. To further reduce waste, we have a refill program you can learn more about here

Banana Leaves

I am a devoted fan of this face oil! Sheltered has been so rich and delicious on my face in the morning before I bike to work, especially in this toxic air right now."


– Debbie, Washington –




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