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Your Body Is A Wonder Of Nature


The inner source of your wellness

Good health requires mind and body harmony. What you put in and on your body impacts your state of mind just as your mental state affects your physical health. Achieving physical and mental balance is a life-long journey. Nourish your mind and body with wholesome ingredients, and positive thoughts to build a strong foundation of health.

Our botanical beverage blends deliver wellness-from-within with nutrient-rich antioxidants, adaptogens and nootropics that reduce stress, boost immunity, provide clean energy and enhance your mood. Designed to be versatile, these all-occasion blends are perfect for zero-proof smartails™, morning energy, enhancing afternoon mixers, relaxing evening elixirs, and a warm cup of comfort.

Happy woman enjoying a botanical beverage
Blue and Green Butterfly Pea Flowers
Ginseng root
Black Woman with beautiful skin. Large leaf partially covering her face
Swipe of Moisturizer
Mask powder

The protective purpose of your skin

Your skin is an amazing, multi-layered organ that performs as a protective barrier keeping you moisturized and sheltered from harmful external forces. Climate, topical skin irritants and other factors constantly strain the skin barrier leading to wrinkles, dehydration, and various damaging skin conditions. Read More

Our products work in synch with your skin's chronobiology and cellular structure to: replenish essential lipids and hydration that reinforce the protective barrier; support collagen and elastin production to promote firm, toned skin; and encourage cell resurfacing to enhance skin texture. We complement our products with beautiful aromatics that benefit the skin and positively influence your state of mind.

The root of your healthy hair

The health of your hair begins with a healthy root and ends with a healthy cuticle. Your hair and scalp are subjected to factors, such as grooming, that damage the hair shaft, follicles, and root system. This daily war depletes vital proteins and nutrients leading to breakage, loss at the root, and unmanageable hair. Supplementing your hair and scalp with the right proteins and nutrients is essential to maintaining strong, healthy hair.

Our selective blend of plant lipids and essential oils exfoliates, nourishes and stimulates existing hair by reinforcing the cuticle with protein and moisture, while cleaning and nourishing the scalp and its root system. The result is reduced fallout, and the promotion of healthy hair growth. Our versatile blend styles and hydrates to control frizz and dullness - it will make your hair look and smell terrific.

Woman with beautiful braided hair, holding a bouquet of flowers.
Mamey fruit and seed
Sprigs of rosemary
Woman smelling tropical flower
orange peel
frankincense resin

The scent of your well-being

Our sense of smell (olfactory system) plays a key role in how we perceive and respond to our environment. This sophisticated system is a receiver and transmitter of aromas to the limbic area of your brain, which controls memory,  learning, hormone secretion, pleasure-pain responses and mood. This is the reason certain aromas trigger powerful emotions and memory response.

Our Purposeful Perfumes™ and aromatics are made with carefully curated naturally-occuring, organic flora-essential oils, extracts, barks and resins-that positively influence your psychological and physical state of being. They have the power to stimulate, awaken, inspire, calm and seduce you!

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