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We're so excited to be popping up in this beautiful outdoor venue. Join us for open air markets at the pier. Enjoy music, food trucks, local vendors (like us) and incredible views of the waterfront and evening skies.


Hosted by: Friends of the Waterfront

Location: Pier 62, Seattle

Admission: Free, all ages


Thursday, Aug 18 from 3 - 7pm

Thursday, Aug 25 from 3 - 7pm

Thursday, Sept 1 from 3 - 7pm

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It's National Wellness Month and after canceling most June and July events due to illness, we're stepping up this month with 4 rituals:


Portland: We're hosting an Ecotherapy ritual in Portland at the Spa Buzz Event on August 16th. A morning of mindful yoga, breath work, ceremony and creative expression for your mind, body & spirit. Contact us if you're interested. Ticketed event.


Seattle: we'll be doing mini rituals at Pier 62 on 3 different dates. Grab a bite to eat, walk around the market and restore with us on the waterfront with breath work, sensory rituals and wellness mapping exercises. Free, all ages.

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We all need to make time for our self-care. What better way to remind ourselves than to set some monthly self-care intentions in our calendars.

August brings awareness to wellness, summer safety, animal welfare and so many other great causes. What monthly intentions do these causes and observances inspire in you? We hope they include fun in the sun with Ecotherapy because connecting to nature can have a tremendous impact on your wellbeing.  

INSPIRATION: The light and warmth of the sun makes the earth's best places more accessible and fun. The sun illuminates our path towards nature.  Come along with us:


RITUAL: Go deep into the forests, swim in the ocean, climb a mountain peak, or simply visit a new park in your area. Embark on your ideal adventure & connect to nature's glimmering beauty. What fun or new wellness activity in nature will you try this month? Set some intentions and make them happen.

HEALING TOOLS & PRODUCTS: Intentions Journal, Sheltered Protecting Face Moisturizer,  Rosé & Lavandé thirst-quenching toners, Purified Refreshing Deodorant

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Ready to set your intentions for the month? Download your copy of our rue Santé Self-Care Calendar and use it as a screensaver or print it for your wall or fridge. Click the calendar link to download or visit our Instagram page, @ruesante.

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