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We all need to make time for our self-care. What better way to remind ourselves than to set some monthly self-care intentions and put them in our calendars.

July raises awareness for social wellness, wildlife, UV safety, mental health, sustainability and other important issues. Our self-care intentions are aligned with these causes - caring for the earth, our neighbors and ourselves - because we're all connected. We're also celebrating the healing powers of plants. As this month is the annual lavender festival in Washington State, our product of the month is Lavandé, our soothing skin toner featuring lavender and hemp seed extracts. This beauty cocktail is also infused with vegan collagen, marine firming agents & anti-inflammatory and antioxidant botanicals.. If you can't make it to the Lavender Fest, don't worry, we source our organic lavender from local farmers. Enjoy our special product of the month promo code: POMLAV . Shop here.


Ready to set your own intentions for the month? Download your copy of our rue Santé Self-Care Calendar and use it as a screensaver or print it for your wall or fridge. The calendar will be published monthly and shared a week ahead via Instagram and this web page. Click on the calendar link to download your copy or visit our Instagram page, @ruesante.

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