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Your Wellbeing Is A Personal Matter


We are delighted to make meaningful connections in our community and beyond through our pop-ups, rituals and collaborative events. Stop by one of our upcoming engagements. We'd love to meet you.

Ecotherapy Rituals

Our favorite events are back! Join us for Ecotherapy rituals out in nature.

There is no better place than our local, nature landscapes as the backdrop for our mindfulness rituals. We can't wait to rekindle our connection to nature with you.

What you can expect:

  • Nature walks or mindful movements 

  • Breathwork

  • Tea ceremonies

  • Sound baths

  • Special guests

Locations: Seattle parks, beaches, forests and wild places. 

Next event: TBA


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Ritual of the Month: Summer Slow Down

July is Lavender Month. Its sweet scent, perfuming the air with an invitation to rest, relax and restore in nature.


July observances and awareness call-outs: plastic-free month, PNW climate week, clean beauty, BIPOC mental health, wildlife, clean beaches. So many things to celebrate, so many causes for which to take action, and so many reasons to enjoy the slower pace of summer and leave your stress behind with a breath of lavender. 


Try this month's ritual with us: 

  • Pause regularly throughout your day and focus your awareness on the present moment

  • Engage your senses: breathe in (try lavender), observe your surroundings, listen to the your environment, feel the physical world around you, taste the elements by taking deep steadying breaths. Focus your awareness on each sense and repeat this process a few times until you start to feel relaxed and present in the moment

  • Check in with yourself. How are you doing? Take care of your basic needs. 

  • Appreciate every breath you take; savor the moments of your life

Breath Ritual

For stress-relieving breath-work that you can practice anytime, click on the video player or the mobile video link here to enjoy a short but effective breath ritual.

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