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We're giddy with excitement to offer our Mindfulness-Based Self-Care™ rituals in person, once a month, and best of all, in nature!

Join us in celebrating the healing & nurturing powers of Women on May 22nd with Ecotherapy in Carkeek park; a restoring self-care ritual.

Caring for another being is a beautiful, selfless act, but giving of ourselves requires energy and this can be exhausting without balance. It's critical to make time to recharge and nurture ourselves back into equilibrium so that we can care for others.

We'll spend the morning overlooking the ocean and mountain panorama as we ground ourselves in nature and renew ourselves with a relaxing wellness ritual incorporating mindful breathwork, gentle movement, and a sensory experience.

Bring your mothers, sisters, aunts, friends - the women healers and caregivers in your life who need some nurturing.

Admission is donation-based. Proceeds support Pro Choice Washington, a 501(c)4 non-profit grassroots advocacy organization for reproductive freedom.

With the help of One Tree Planted, we'll also plant a tree for every attendee.


Space is limited. Sign up here.


We all need to make time for our self-care. What better way to remind ourselves than to set some monthly self-care intentions in our calendars.

May is not just about honoring mothers, it's Caregivers month; A time to celebrate the healing and nurturing powers of women: our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends, ourselves - those who give us life, shelter, love, guidance, and support - with an Act of Care. Is there a special nurturer in your life that deserves TLC and appreciation? Often, the caregivers who give so much to others, don't self-care. Do you know someone who needs nurturing? Is this you? If so, try this month's ritual with us:

RITUAL: Pledge an act of care for the caregivers in your life.

INSPIRATION: Make space to reflect about the special women in your life that nurture you and are there for you when you need it most. Set your intentions of care. Write them down & post them somewhere visible. Fill in the blanks below:

  • I pledge to care for (caregiver) by (how)

  • I pledge to care for myself by (how)

TIME COMMITMENT:  5 -30 mins
HEALING TOOLS & PRODUCTS: Intentions Journal, Fleur de Lait for mind & body calm, Rosé Hydrating Skin

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Ready to set your intentions for the month? Download your copy of our rue Santé Self-Care Calendar and use it as a screensaver or print it for your wall or fridge. Click the calendar link to download or visit our Instagram page, @ruesante.

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