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Seattle Restored Market Collective

We're so excited to announce our participation in the third  round of the Seattle Restored Market Collective! Located in the heart of downtown, the market will house a group of local makers and artists featuring their one-of-a-kind creations and we can't wait to offer our self-care products and rituals to the downtown community.

Opening Date: January 14th 

Launch Party: February 11th, 4 - 6pm


rue Santé residency: January  - April

Open Thu & Fri, 12pm-5pm
1505 5th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101

Seattle Restored is brought to you by the Seattle Office of Economic Development (@seattleeconomy), Seattle Good Business Network (@seattlegood), and Shunpike (@shunpikearts).

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Amore Amaricano Makers' Market

Celebrate yourself and those you love at Fast Penny Spirits' afternoon Makers' Market. Enjoy amaro cocktails, delicious food and shopping from local small businesses. Find the perfect gift to express your affection with a selection of flowers, chocolates, beauty, candles, glassware and wellness items.  

We'll be featuring rose & chocolate flora, of course. 

Date: Saturday, February 11th 2pm-6pm

Fast Penny Spirits Distillery
1138 W Ewing St, Suite B
Seattle, WA 98119

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Our 2023 Self-Care calendar is here! Phytophilous, or 'thriving in the presence of plants', is the essence of our brand and a pathway to our self-care.


Every month we honor a species of flora and share self-care rituals for your wellbeing, along with holidays, observances, the full moon schedule, and reminders to celebrate life's precious moments.


February Flora: Theobroma Cacao "food of the Gods"

Self-Care Ritual: Express your love with an act of care. Convert your feelings into actions and do something kind for the beings you love, yourself included. Drink-in, breathe-in and apply Cacao to your body with our cacao-enhanced products.

We all need to make time for our self-care. What better way to remind ourselves than to set some monthly self-care intentions in our calendars. Download a copy to create space for your Self and set your intentions to embrace the month ahead with purpose. 

Download your copy here 

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