Fern & Doe - Spirited Aromatic

Sense your spirit with this all natural aromatic blend designed to provide inspire and uplift your mind and body.

Fern & Doe - Spirited Aromatic

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  • 1/3 fl. oz. (10 mL)


    What is Fern & Doe? A natural aromatic blend of plant-based fragrances, extracts and essential oils that uplifts spirits and unleashes your mind. Feel wild and free with this fresh, invigorating aroma.   


    User Profile: This inspiring aroma is sophisticated, approachable and versatile. A true unisex blend that can be worn day or night.  


    Aromatic Profile: Balanced blend of woods, spices, and citrus, with a hint of exotic fruits. Set your spirit free.


    How does Fern & Doe work? Fern & Doe is a complex blend of aromas that are known to comfort and uplift mood.  To learn more about how aromatics influence our state of being, please visit our Body Health page.

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