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Bamboo Mask Brush

Mix and apply your face masks with our eco, cruelty-free mask brushes made from bamboo wood and soft, vegan bristles.  

Bamboo Mask Brush

  • Bamboo Mask Brushes:  This beauty tool is ideal for mixing and applying face and body masks to the skin. The soft bristle design ensures products go on evenly so they can also be used for make-up application.  

  • Use your bamboo mask brush to mix and apply our mineral face masks as directed below:

    Use masks once or twice a week as needed. The nonactivated, dry powder form gives you the freedom to customize your mask with a hydrating liquid best suited for your skin’s needs. Try one of our activation blends designed to give you targeted results, or create your own blend. Coconut milk and flower hydrosols such as rose and chamomile are ideal for dry, irritated and mature skin. Witch Hazel, apple cider vinegar and astringent green tea are great options for treating blemishes and oily skin. Water is a safe choice for all skin types.


    Mixing instructions: Use only non-metallic mixing bowls, brushes, spoons and containers. Activate mask by combining 1 TBSP of powder with 1 TBSP of liquid, adding liquid gradually until powder becomes a smooth paste, not too runny and not too thick (adjust quantities as needed). Use our soft bamboo brushes to mix and apply all over face (avoid eye area), neck and décolleté. Product may tingle initially and you may feel a pulling sensation as mask begins to dry. Make sure to remove mask before it dries out completely. Use warm water and a wash cloth to remove gently, without rubbing or pulling on the skin. 

    Mixing instructions for activation blends: It's as simple as making tea. 

    -For 1 mask application, use 1/4 tsp. of activation blend with 1/3 cup of hot water (160F is ideal).

    -Steep for one to two minutes. 

    -Allow liquid to cool to a comfortable temperature. Try it warm in the winter and cold in the summer. 

    -Combine liquid with your dry mask to form a paste, mix with bamboo brush and apply per directions above. 


    Wash your brush brisltes with warm soapy water and let dry thoroughly after every use to avoid bacteria build-up.

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