Beauty Pops - Face & Body Roller

Stimulate & tone your skin with our beautiful crystal rose quartz roller pops. Use with our oils, creams and serums to maximize product absorption into your skin with relaxing massage movements designed to improve overall skin health and appearance.

Beauty Pops - Face & Body Roller

  • What are Beauty Pops?  Beautiful Rose Quartz crystal spheres, mounted on rose gold stems. The rollers are a versatile tool for applying products to the skin and for practicing self-massage techniques on your face and body that will help you look and feel rejuvenated and energized. 


    User Profile: The gentle rolling massage techniques are simple and ideal for all ages and skin types.   


    How does rolling work? Rollers have been used traditionally in East Asian cultures, primarily the Chinese culture, for hundreds of years as beautifying rituals for the skin. The smooth roller heads are cooling to the touch and glide effortlessly over the skin to improve circulation and oxygen flow, reduce dark under-eye circles, decrease inflammation, drain lymph nodes, and relieve muscle tension. For more information about skin care, please visit our Body Health page.

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