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Bodhi Leaf Strainer

Stainless-steel leaf strainers for loose leaf botanical beverages and other food & beverage preparations. 

Bodhi Leaf Strainer

  • Bodhi Leaf Strainer: This beautiful flat leaf strainer filters out botanicals, small particulates and fruit seeds. The slow-pour method encourages you to slow down and enjoy the ritual of making your delicious beverage as much as drinking it.


    Materials: 304 stainless steel filter.

    Colors: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold

  • Place the Bodhi leaf over the top of any cup, mug or glass. To avoid overflow, slowly pour your botanical liquid into your vessel for a clear, particulate-free beverage. This can also be used to strain sauces and salad dressings and to squeeze lemons and oranges without getting seeds in your food and beverages.


    To use: Hand wash only for best results.

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