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Bright Eyes - Reusable Silicone Under-Eye Pads

Replace single-use eye pads with our sustainable, versatile silicone pads for your eyes, forehead, laugh lines and any part of you that needs some TLC.

Bright Eyes - Reusable Silicone Under-Eye Pads

  • Soft, versatile, silicone pads fit the contours around your eyes and are also suitable for use on any areas the need some extra love. Use over any of our moisturizers, serums, mineral mask products, and overnight treatments. The silicone pads reduce product evaporation and allows your skin more time to absorb product nutrients. 

    Hand wash with soap and water and dry. Store in container to keep pads clean between uses.

    *Follow product guidelines if you use products with active ingredients such as retinols and acids.

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