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Brillante Containerless Candles

Enlighten your surroudings with healthy, purposeful, naturally scented & colored candles 

Brillante Containerless Candles

PriceFrom $25.00
  • Large Lotus Pillar Candle: 18.4 oz.

    Small Nasturtium Candle: 9.4 oz.

    What is Brillante? Artisan made candles using the purest, natural ingredients. We combine coconut & soy waxes, botanical teas, flower petal powders, organic essentail oils and infusions to create inspiring combinations and scent the air you breathe, naturally. Lotus and nasturtium floral shapes add beauty and ambiance.

    Aromatic Profile: aromas vary by season and are made with 100% plant-derived organic essential oils.

    Lotus options:  lemongrass, lavender, orange, cedarwood, unscented

    Nasturtium options: vanilla, palo santo,  orange, lavender, lemongrass, Alpine, Spice, unscented

    Don't see your favorite aroma? Contact us for a special aroma request.

    How does Brilliante work? Soft candle light is relaxing, calming and creates a beautiful ambiance in any room. Aromas have the power to awaken memories, inspire you and enhance your state of mind. To learn more about aromas and our products, please visit our Body Health page.



    As part of our sustainability initiatives, we have transitioned to containerless candles. They include a compostable / recyclable bottom label and a natural hemp wick. For their protection during shipping they are wrapped in 100% recycled and recyclable tissue paper or void fill, and packaged in a recycled kraft box with a recycled paper label.

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