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Healing Beauty Gua Sha - Face & Body Tools

Stimulate & tone your face, body and scalp with our beautiful Gua Sha tools. Use with our oils, creams and serums to maximize product absorption into your skin with relaxing massage movements designed to improve overall health and appearance. 

Healing Beauty Gua Sha - Face & Body Tools

PriceFrom $15.00
  • What are Gua Sha? Gua Sha have been used traditionally in East Asian cultures, primarily the Chinese culture, for hundreds of years as therapeutic tools. Ancient Gua Sha healing methods stemming from traditional Chinese medicine, inspired the Graston Technique - a modern therapy treatment used by physical therapists and chiropractors to manipulate soft tissue, break down scar tissue and repair damage. We honor these traditions and the healing wisdom of ancient cultures. We use them because they work. We offer them to you as part of our healing tools because we strongly believe in the power of massage as a fundamental component of skin health.


    User Profile: Gua Sha can be used safely with very gentle scraping pressure. Before trying intense techniques, please consult with a medical professional.   


    How does Gua Sha work?  The smooth crystlas are cooling to the touch and glide effortlessly over the skin to improve circulation and oxygen flow, reduce dark under-eye circles, decrease inflammation, drain lymph nodes, and relieve muscle tension. Applying scraping techniques is also beneficial for manipulating soft tissue and promoting healing when following therapeutic movements. For more information about skin care, please visit our Body Health page.

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