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Mini Eye & Contouring Massagers with Spoon Handles

Massage & tone your face and delicate eye area with our mini massagers.

Mini Eye & Contouring Massagers with Spoon Handles

  • Rollers have been used traditionally in East Asian cultures, primarily the Chinese culture, for hundreds of years as beautifying & renewing rituals for the skin. We honor these traditions and the healing wisdom of ancient cultures. We use them because they work. We offer them to you as part of our healing tools because we strongly believe in the power of massage as a fundamental component of skin health. 

    Beautiful Rose Gold massaging heads with spoon shaped-handles for hygienic product application - no need to use your fingers. This versatile tool can be used for applying products to the skin and for practicing self-massage techniques on your face and body that will help you look and feel rejuvenated and energized. 

    The roller head and contouring t-shape massagers are made from zinc alloy, which is cooling to the touch and glides effortlessly over the skin to improve circulation and oxygen flow, reduce dark under-eye circles, decrease inflammation, drain lymph nodes, and relieve muscle tension. For more information about skin care, please visit our Body Health page.

  • Facial Product Appllication: Follow your normal beauty cleansing and toning ritual. Use the spoon handle to apply oils, serums and creams as recommended. Use the round roller head to gently massage the eye area. Use the t-shaped contouring head to massage the face and body.


    Face Massage: Use the rollers to perform freestyle massage to awaken and invigorate your skin. Massaging in an upwards motion, using the facial product application technique above or targeting the muscles under your skin with gentle pressure from the roller heads will help tone your face muscles, boost circulation, and energize your skin.


    Lymphatic Stimulation: Utilizing simple roller techniques to perform delicate pulling movements, will help stimulate lymph flow and open pathways to decrease swelling and congestion. The key is to use featherweight pressure in a downward motion to move fluids towards your drainage points on the sides of your ears and at the base of your clavicle. Start from your neck and work your way to your forehead, performing each motion 3 - 5 times, in the following manner:


    1. Start at your clavicle by lightly tapping with roller to stimulate and open drain point. Then from the top of your neck, under your ears, use your roller head to very lightly roll in a downward motion towards your collarbone. Repeat from the top of your neck, under your jaw line towards your collarbone. Do this on both sides of your neck, covering the entire neck area, or if you have two rollers, you can perform this action on both sides of your neck simultaneously.
    2. Open drain points on the sides of your ears. Start from the top front side of your ear and roll downward past your earlobes towards your neck. Then start from the top back side of your ear and roll downwards towards your neck. Do this on both ears.
    3. Move to your jawline. Start at the middle of your jaw and roll out towards your ears along the jawline, then downward towards your neck. Do this on both sides.
    4. Move to your chin. Start at the middle of your chin and roll out towards your ears, then downward towards your neck. Do this on both sides.
    5. In a similar technique, move to your lips and nose area, starting in the center of your face, rolling out towards your ears and downward.
    6. Use the same, gentle technique for the under-eye area.
    7. Move to the brow area. Start at the bridge of your nose and roll out across your brows and temples towards your ears and downwards.
    8. In a similar manner, cover the entire forehead area, staring at the center point and moving out towards your temples, to your ears and downwards.
    9. Repeat step 2
    10. Finally, repeat step 1 to flush everything you just pulled out from your face, ears and neck.


    Body Massage: Use freestyle movements for body massage, alternating pressure as needed. This self-massager makes a great companion for computer users, crafters and anybody who suffers from headaches, stiffness, sore necks, hands and forearms.


    These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult with your doctor for medical advice.

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