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Face Moisturizer - Petites

Experience the beauty and benefits of our fluid facial moisturizers in our new, trial size, Petites. 

Face Moisturizer - Petites

PriceFrom $5.00
  • 3 mL. Glass bottles with dropper

    Loved Ultra-Nourishing Face Moisturizer for all skin types especially, sensitive, dry, and aging skin

    Healed Enhancing Face Moisturizer for most skin types especially, oily skin prone to blemishes and texture issues

    Sheltered - Protective Face Moisturizer for all skin types that need protection and recovery from all weather and pollution.

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    Not sure which one of our AAA (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, adaptogenic) moisturizers is right for you? Our Petites are a great way to try any our MIndfulness-Based Self Care (MBSC) products. The bottles are reusable, refillable and perfect for weekend travel, visits to the gym, or work.

  • Bottle: White glass bottle made from 100% renewable material. 

    How to dispose: Reusable and recyclable glass (where glass recycling is available).


    Dispenser: White rubber dropper bulb with gold shell over plastic cork screw fitment, rubber washer, glass dropper. 

    How to dispose: Not recyclable. Keep and reuse (sterilize before reusing). May also be disposed at Nordstrom's BeautyCycle bins - part of a Terracycle program that repurposes these materials. 


    Label: 100% recycled / recyclable matte white paper with RCA recycling compatible adhesive. 

    How to dispose: Peel off and reycle: RCA EO 13148, Sec 702


    Outer retail packaging: Reusable cotton drawstring bag.

    How to dispose: Reusable bags can be used to re-gift items, store jewelry, coins, collectibles, headphones, make-up, and more.

    Opt out of receiving drawstring bag retail pack with your order to reduce packaging waste. Select option from drop-down menu.

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