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Mindfulness Based Self-Care™

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

In a time of crisis.

The typical daily routine (pre-pandemic) - wake up, groom, breakfast, commute, work... it becomes so robotic. Our bodies and minds are on autopilot. Most days we can't remember the details of how we got to work and the only evidence of having brushed our teeth is that they feel clean. We're not in the moment, and that's not surprising. The morning rush is not exactly the highlight of our days. These moments are not memorable because we're just going through the motions, trying to survive another busy day. 

In the face of the greatest crisis most of us have ever lived through, it's more important that ever to stop and appreciate what we have - our homes, our health, our loved ones; to pause and smell the roses. These days of sheltering at home are an opportune time to readjust, reassess and transform our daily, rushed routines into intentional, thoughtful rituals of care.

Mindfulness is being in the moment - opening up your mind and awareness to really feel and take note of your body and your environment. This heightening of the senses slows you down, calms the mind and de-stresses, and by doing so, even a simple act, like washing your face, becomes an enjoyable, sensorial experience.

We use mindfulness-based techniques in our self-care rituals to engage all the senses and enhance every small gesture, movement, and sensation for the ultimate wellness indulgence. In addition to turning the routine and mundane into a beautiful, memorable experience you will look forward to, our mindfulness-based self-care (MBSC) rituals also increase the impact and effectiveness of the products, tools and techniques. MBSC allows you to engage your sense of touch and feel the many textures of our products as they envelop your skin - silky, soft, cooling, rich, nourishing; to use the power of massage when applying our products for healing and renewal; to pause and breathe in the aromas that complement all of our products and benefit your state of mind; to be thoughtful about your body, your posture, your movements. MBSC helps you tune-in and listen to your body and mind.

When you introduce mindfulness into your self-care, you engage your mind's ability to heal. Our thoughts and experiences shape our world. Our awareness is a tool, a muscle that, when focused and flexed with intention, has a powerful impact on our mental and physical state. MBSC is like a yoga class for your mind. Our process will help you stretch, flex and point your awareness strategically, targeting sensorial elements that reduce mental and physical stress, manage cortisol and adrenal levels and trigger happy neurotransmitters. It's a mental workout with a holistic payout - healthy, happy, beauty.


Mindfulness resources:

If you're interested in deepening your knowledge about mindfulness or starting your own individual practice, here are some great resources we've worked with:

Another highly rated source that we recently connected with and are eager to learn more about is the iNLP Center -Neuro-Linguistic programming & mindfulness training

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