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Body (and mind) Renewal

The ingenuity of the human body is remarkable.

Your skin is in perpetual growth mode. It produces new skin cells at the basal layer. These newborn cells transform in purpose, function, and form. Some remain stem cells and continue dividing throughout your lifetime, and others travel outward through the layers of the skin, aging in the process and dying off in the epidermis. The outermost layer of the skin repurposes these squames (dead skin cells) to create a waterproof layer that, basically, shields you from the elements and keeps you from dehydrating. Eventually, they flake off the skin and become dust.

If your epidermis is feeling rough and looking a little dull, or if you start noticing that products are not absorbing well and your skin is dry no matter how much you hydrate and moisturize, then it may be time to encourage those little squames to take a hike.

Using a resurfacing product is one of the most effective and expedient ways to see visible results on the skin. If you like instant satisfaction, this is your jam. Removing the outermost layer of dry, dull, flaky squames can do wonders for the appearance and texture of your skin. There are a number of product and treatment types that resurface the skin to various degrees, including masks, scrubs, polishes, chemical peels, lasers, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, scraping, and more. Determining which one is right for you and how often you should use it depends on the condition of your skin, the environment you are in, and what you are trying to achieve. You may find that resurfacing once a week is perfect (I do). As a general rule, gentle products and treatments can be used more often than stronger, harsher ones like peels and dermabrasion.

We have some great products that gently remove the outer layer of dead skin cells while depositing beneficial nutrients to help boost your natural cycle of renewal and reveal luminous, new skin underneath.

Fleur de Terre - Botanical Face & Body Polish. Made with culinary-grade antioxidant-rich fruits & botanicals, precious minerals, and nourishing plant lipids, it offers gentle but effective resurfacing for your face or delicate body parts, and leaves the skin lustrous and velvety soft. The rich burgundy color comes from the plant pigment, anthocyanin, which protects the skin from free radicals and blue screen light. It is also rich in naturally-occurring alpha-hydroxy acid (AHAs), which provide an extra level of exfoliation - like the benefits of a mild peel without the burn.

Fleur de Mer Botanical Body Polish - Made with culinary-grade green botanicals, curative herbs, precious earth minerals, and nourishing plant lipids. It detoxifies and exfoliates dry, rough, zones and dead skin cells while depositing replenishing plant and ocean nutrients that deeply moisturize the skin. This is a medium coarse polish designed to exfoliate super tough skin, including calluses, bottoms of feet, and elbows (not for use on the face or delicate body parts).

Polish Application Tips: Always use on wet skin. Apply in a light circular motion, touching and feeling your skin lovingly. Be in the moment. Let the polish hang out for a bit on your skin so that the juices and oils absorb and moisturize, then remove with a wet cloth or hands or even better, draw a bath and sink in. The polish will condition your bath water and the aroma will relax your mind. No soap required. These products contain vibrant fruits and botanicals that may stain clothing and surfaces, so we always include a complimentary, reusable washcloth for you.

Unmasked Forté Exfoliating Mineral Mask - Who doesn't love to mask? In high demand for its powerful exfoliating action, this mask detoxifies and draws out impurities with absorbing clays and botanical superpowers. It is great for normal, oily and congested skin but this product is not just for your face. Use it on ingrown hairs, underarms, feet, oily areas and even on old tan lines you wish to fade away.

Unmasked Délicat Moisturizing Mineral Mask - Beloved for its gentle touch, this mask lifts away dirt, oils and dead skin cells with soothing petals and clays. It is ideal for all skin and great for delicate skin that is feeling a little dry and not retaining moisture. Because of its light-handed nature, it can be used multiple times a week or as often as needed to reveal soft beautiful skin.

Mask Application Tips: One of the many great features of our masks is that they are non-activated powders designed to be customized by you, to meet your skin's ever-changing needs. To activate the dry mask, simply add a liquid of your choice to create a paste consistency. Depending on your skin's needs you can use green tea, tomato juice, chamomile tea, coconut milk or plain water as the activation fluid. You can even combine these masks with an oil, like olive oil to create your very own fine polish. Contact us for your complimentary consultation and a list of ingredients you can use from your kitchen to customize your ideal face mask. After applying, as you wait for your mask to dry, take this time to relax with a cup of tea, some nice music, gentle stretches, or some calming breathing exercises with your favorite aroma.

No matter what option you choose for your resurfacing needs, don't forget to incorporate massage into your daily product application. Massage stimulation helps bring blood supply to the area. Blood flow removes waste, and delivers oxygen and nutrients (energy) that cells need to perform critical functions like collagen and elastin production, and DNA repair. Our favorite way to massage is with our Rose Quartz Vibrating Face & Body Rollers. The soothing, high-frequency vibration penetrates stiff muscles and relaxes all your tension away. It also helps maximize product absorption into your skin, decrease inflammation, stimulate lymph nodes and much more.

Your skin isn't the only thing that needs renewal. All of our product are designed to help you create your own beautiful rituals that nurture your skin and calm you mind to put you in the moments of your self-care. Guaranteed mind and body renewal.

Learn more about our Mindfulness-Based Self-Care™ here and turn your daily, rushed routines into intentional, thoughtful rituals of care.

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